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What you Need To Know About Village Rental Licences

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On our most recent show, we discuss how Chicago suburbs with rental license programs are becoming more and more common and what you need to know as a Chicagoland Landlord.Topics Discussed IncludeHow common the rental licences are ... read more >>

Two books you must read as a realtor or salesperson

Property Management Blog
In 2018, I read an article online written by a Realtor in which she described how her business was taken to the next level after reading the book, Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall. She discussed how reading the book had gained her n... read more >>

Hack Your Wealth Podcast Property Management Tips

Property Management Blog
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Chen, owner of Hackyourwealth.comAndrew is well known for his wealth building hacks and has been involved in some pretty interesting careers, some in which he had no... read more >>

What Will Section 8 Pay For rent in Cook County

Property Management Blog
Many people have questions about Section 8 and the ins and outs of the Housing Choice Voucher Program(HCV).  The unfortunate part is many of the ins and outs differ slightly from state to state, county to county, and then eve... read more >>

Investing in Dupage County

Property Management Blog
Hi, my name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. We are a property management company located Roselle, Illinois.  Now, Roselle is in Dupage County, which if you're familiar with the Chicagoland area, it's ma... read more >>

4 Rules Landlords must follow to get through the pandemic

Property Management Blog
It’s doubtful anyone in the world will make it to the end of the summer unaffected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. If not you personally, you probably will know at least one person who has been affected financially or ... read more >>
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